Harsh Words of Truth

by admin ~ June 26th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

If you study the cumulative words of the godly people of the Bible, the communication they initiate, their answers, and their arguments—all of those words—you find a wide variety of talk. James declares the ease of sinning with the tongue. You can count on someone pointing out where you went wrong with what you said. You may not have said anything sinful. You may have operated in a good and righteous way with your speech and someone accuses you of bad and sinful. What I’m describing occurs more today than ever. If you call a sin what it is, a sin. If you condemn it. Others will say you lacked the compassion of Jesus, that you behave in a selfish way. In general, people today will like it if you allow sin to go or even reward it with kind words. If someone comes at what you believe and in a very harsh way, personal attack and more, and you match that rhetoric, you will be accused of pugilism or unkindness, some lack of Christianity in your speech. You may think that you are merely answering a fool according to his folly. You may suspect that you are following the example of Jesus or Paul in their speech with opponents of the truth, but to no avail. Your conscience comes into these situations. In the battle, you know you stand for the truth. The truth rises far above you. You defend it, sometimes with combative speech. Rest in God.

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