What’s Different about a Christian?

by admin ~ May 11th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

What exactly is different about a Christian? That sets him apart from the world? Is it just his ultimate destination? He’s going to heaven and not hell? Is it that his sins are forgiven and the sins of the non-Christian are not? Certainly a Christian is going to heaven because His sins are forgiven, and this is based upon His reception of Jesus Christ. He’s obtained the benefits of the work of Christ on the cross by faith. However, the Christian then is characterized by following Christ and that is a supernatural life that is different than the world. Salvation has changed him. And because He’s been saved, He wants to act like it. His new nature tends toward righteousness, that is, doing right things, which is essentially obeying the Bible. It’s worth obeying God, because that pleases God and the Christian does want to please God. An unbeliever could do some to many of the things that a Christian does. In certain cases, I think it’s true that some non-Christians act more like a Christian than some professing Christians act. They keep higher standards, closer to biblical ones than the professing Christian does. Bottom line, a Christian should be different. He should read, study, and obey His Bible. He should love God and then act like it. He should worship the Lord faithfully, so attend church services and strive to reflect the Lord in all his lifestyle.

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