If America Is Done

by admin ~ April 12th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

In my viewpoint, America is done as a nation. What does that mean to us? It really doesn’t change anything, because first we are citizens of heaven. This world is not our home. Perhaps we can stop thinking so much about this world and not the next. The only opportunity the country has is to repent and turn to God, and I’m talking about the nation, not just the churches. We should desire, in the midst of judgment, pockets of God’s mercy. It’s a better situation than Sodom, because there are far more than ten righteous. However, we’re on our way there for many reasons. As well, we can slow it down, slow down the ultimate demise, and we should want that for our children and grandchildren. The grandparents and parents should consider that. This is not just about you, whether you’re going to enjoy the end of your life, but what will leave behind for your children. Whether we have good churches, whether those churches are obedient, does matter. You can hasten destruction. You can make it much more difficult for the future on this earth for your children and grandchildren by what you do. You want to be an influence of righteousness if not being a basis for God withholding judgment yourself. He deserves to be honored even in the midst of wickedness, like an Elijah and Elisha of old. Let’s do what we can do.

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