Most Irreligious or Unchurched Metro Area

by admin ~ April 5th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg, church.

I was reading something this week about the coach of the Golden State Warriors, who claims to be a born-again Christian, as do others on the Warrior team. I’m not endorsing the playing of professional basketball on Sunday as a practice, but the article said that Mark Jackson, the coach, was in part at odds with the ownership because of the outspoken nature of his Christianity. The article also said that Jackson’s lifestyle is not in fitting with or popular with most of the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. This was not mystery or surprise. A link in the article went to a post in The Atlantic on the religious nature of the inhabitants of various areas of the United States. The Atlantic indicated that the San Francisco Bay Area was the least religious of all the metro areas in the United States at 24 percent religious. The most religious was Salt Lake City, UT (of course, Mormon) at 79 percent and then several cities in the Southern United States. The idea presented was that people would not be that upset to lose Jackson, even if he were winning, because they were turned off by his religious fervor. I write this to encourage you in your Christianity in the least Christian metro area of the United States. Let’s be vigilant for the Lord, believing the only and most believable content or information in the world, the Truth, the Bible.

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