What Does God Put Up With?

by admin ~ March 29th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

We are you willing to put up with? If you ask for cold water, and you get lukewarm, do you tolerate that? If you go to a restaurant and it charges more than what’s in the menu, is that OK? Is it fine if you get different food than what you ordered? If you buy something and it doesn’t work all the time, will you keep it? Do you expect a contractor to finish your work like you asked and what you paid for it? Is it tolerable for you when someone disrespects you or your wife? I ask these questions because I want you to consider what you are willing to put up with for yourself. I wanted you to think about the high standard you kept for yourself. Now that you’ve done that, let’s think together about what we’re willing to allow God to “put up with.” I’m not saying that he really puts up with it. He’s merciful and forgiving, but He is forbearing. He doesn’t pour down His wrath immediately upon what we would never put up with. With all the good that God is done for you, how powerful He is, and that you have given your life to Him, why would there be a lesser standard for Him than there is for you? Even if I could guarantee you from scripture that God would not do something about your compromise in or resistance to what He’s said, shouldn’t we just want to give Him what He wants?
He’s been so good to us.

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