Singing, a Manifestation of Spirit-Filling

by admin ~ March 8th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Ephesians 5:18 commands the believer, “Be filled with the Spirit.” A result of obedience to that command will be Spirit filling, which will then result in singing. The first result of Spirit filling is singing. Singing is that big a deal. When Isaiah went to heaven through a vision, as if he were actually there, he saw himself then as a man of unclean lips. He faulty unworthy, inadequate. What did “lips” have to do with it? Surely he saw himself as small and insignificant compared to God, but that didn’t relate to lips. The heavenly creatures used lips to praise God and that’s where he saw himself as falling short. Singing to God is what the Holy Spirit will prompt you when He’s in control of you. Do you have a spiritual song, a hymn, a psalm in your mind or heart and on your lips? Is there a song there waiting to be sung by you? Men today write and talk about the worship wars in churches, but before we even get there, is there the impulse to sing to God. When you get to church, the corporate worship of congregational singing is a great opportunity or a segment ready to be over? It’s difficult to be singing to God in your heart and from your mouth and to be sinning, selfish, or unthankful. It’s not just that the focus on God will tend toward a right attitude and approach, but that the singing causes a focus on God that will bring a right spirit.

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