That Birth Is Christmas

by admin ~ December 21st, 2013. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel, Jesus.

God created the world. It was good. All of it was good. He created man and man was good. It was not good that man was alone, but God created woman and it was good. God said don’t eat of a tree. Man and woman ate of the tree. Sin entered into the world. The world was ruined by sin. Man was lost, separated from God because of sin. The latter was bad. These things were bad. But God had a plan to rescue man. God would be glorified. Everything would be good again. God would provide salvation through a Savior. He would save through a substitute. God’s justice would be satisfied, because sin would be punished. A man, Who was perfect, would pay the penalty for man’s sin. To do this, God the Son would become a man. He would do that by being born of a woman, which fulfilled the prediction God made in Genesis 3. He would not have a human father, but He would be born of a virgin, with God as His Father. He would be conceived of the Holy Spirit in a virgin’s womb. A sinless man, He would live a sinless life. He would die, be buried, rise again from the dead, ascend into heaven, sit in authority at the God the Father’s right hand, and then come again to set up a kingdom on the earth, to rule and reign with those He has saved. This was the plan and it would begin with a birth, and that birth is Christmas.

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