Hidden in Plain Sight

by admin ~ December 14th, 2013. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel, Jesus.

Perhaps you’ve heard the terminology: “hide in plain sight.” When I think of that phrase, which I’ve heard several times in my life, I’m thinking of the witness protection program or spy tradecraft. It might be where you keep your valuables. Someone wouldn’t think that something or someone that important or in such danger would be so “obvious.” People are looking somewhere where they aren’t looking, so they skip what they normally see. You don’t think that person you know could be a spy or an endangered witness. His name isn’t John, but actually Bill. Alright, my point. I believe that Jesus is being hidden in plain sight. He’s so obvious, so normal, so out there for so long, that people either aren’t noticing Him anymore or He’s become just a caricature of Who He really is. He is man’s only redemption and He will rule the whole world with a rod or iron. He will cast most men into Hell in the end. You’ve got to get Him right. You’ve got to receive actually Him, the real Him. The real Him is not someone that you barely notice and remain generally indifferent toward. He’s also Who He says He is — not the caricature. You might like the caricature, but if it isn’t Him, it is inconsequential as to believing in the actual or real Him. Christmas has become one of the ways I believe Jesus is hid in plain sight. Consider it.

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