Let’s Be Consistent

by admin ~ November 23rd, 2013. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I’ll be talking some about consistency in the sermon, mainly as it relates to judging spiritual leadership. The false teachers were picking at Paul. If someone is not 100% consistent, is he not consistent? One of the attacks on consistency, it seems, is the expectation of 100% consistency. Because we live in a sin-cursed world, we have learned, or it is innate to us, not to expect it, almost to wait for the inconsistency to come. A skepticism can grow, because we feel justified in not trusting anything. I believe in a definition of human consistency, we don’t need to have it be 100%. We should look for characteristic consistency. We should think about a direction of consistency, someone who wants to be consistent. A consistent person is correctable in his inconsistency, since he’s striving to be consistent. I write this too because people can become somewhat fatalistic in the expectation of their own consistency, something like the following—“since I can’t be consistent, I give up.” So they live however they want, since they can’t be consistent anyway. Everyone of us only get consistency by the grace of God—we’ve got to trust God to keep saving us from our inconsistency, because we will be inconsistent. We’ve got to want the consistency and strive for it, and when we don’t live it, look to God’s grace to take us through.

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