Why Not Feel Guilty All the Time?

by admin ~ September 30th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel, Jesus.

Often when I think of my life, I think that I do so little for the Lord and am not as faithful as I should be for Him. I don’t think I take Him seriously. But then I don’t live in guilt over that. Shouldn’t I feel guilty all the time? Does this mean that righteousness is on some sliding scale, that we’re just better than others, which is good enough? This is where theology comes in, what the Bible says about righteousness. I don’t feel guilty all the time, because I know that my righteousness is not found in me or in my works, but in Jesus Christ. I have a position by grace through faith that sets me apart as righteousness unto God. So I don’t feel that guilt, because I know my sins were paid for on the cross. The feelings that I have relate more to love. It’s how you feel about anyone that you love, that you don’t feel like you’ve done enough for them, or you’d like to do more for them, except more here, because it’s God. I think about the goodness of God, and that affects me. I am inclined toward doing more for the Lord, serving Him according to His Word. It is still a struggle against the flesh, mostly in doing what He wants, not what I want, and then doing the best or the most that He wants. And I can grow, because God works in me through His Spirit. I am being conformed to the image of His Son. This is one way, among many, that the Spirit bears witness that I’m a child of God.

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