by admin ~ September 8th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Sometimes today you will hear alternative fuel and alternative energy. You’ve got cars that use alternative energy, but they are still unpopular for many reasons. The energy and the fuel produced, called alternative, is often more expensive. Sometimes I think of alternatives myself—an alternative to the life I’m living. Would an alternative have been better? Would it have been better to have attempted to have some alternative “career” that would have paid better, have been more popular, and I would have had nicer things on earth? With every alternative, you judge whether the alternative is superior to the first choice. When I think of the other options on my life, I can’t say “yes” to them, because I know too much. I might even say, unfortunately I know too much, but that wouldn’t be true either. It’s good that I know the truth about time and eternity, so that I didn’t do the alternative. Is it possible that if I had chosen the alternative, that some of you wouldn’t be saved today? That my alternative would have resulted in you going to Hell? Would the alternative have been worth it if one more of you had gone to Hell than would have otherwise? I have to say, “No.” My eternity will be better, but so will others’. So I’m happy to have said and say “no” to the alternative. You want to be honest with yourself and honest with God. It might be a struggle, but the right way is best.

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