Sanctification Paradox

by admin ~ August 25th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Scripture presents life as a series of paradoxes. We are dependent on God and yet taking personal initiative. None of the scriptural paradoxes actually do contradict. They really are contradictions only to natural men, who don’t know God. Trusting God means taking action. I’ve heard this thought in the realm of our sanctification. How are we sanctified? We are sanctified by faith. True. So are we sanctified by works? Yes. Aren’t faith and works mutually exclusive? So how does this relate to Christian living? We live by faith. True. And what does that produce? Works. So you will work if you believe. Faith without works is dead. If you do trust, you’ll work. That’s what faith will look like, like good works. Positional sanctification comes by faith, which will result in works, which is practical sanctification. You will be set apart by what you do. Practical sanctification is obedience and obedience is work. When God works, we work. God works in us, which produces works. Is God doing the work? Yes. Are you doing work? Yes. There’s an aspect to this that is difficult and really impossible to explain. When you do work for God, you don’t take credit for it, because you believe God deserves all the glory. Yet, later, God rewards you for your work. But you didn’t do it, did you? We can handle this paradox. Both are true despite what we can’t explain.

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