Good News To Tell

by admin ~ August 10th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Before Jesus left the earth at His ascension, He told His followers to preach the gospel to everyone (Mark 16:15). The “gospel” is the “good news.” There is good news. In the midst of whatever bad news is, there is always still good news. The Greek word translated “gospel” is a compound word that means “good” and “message.” The good message is that we can be saved. We need to be rescued, and we can be. A major problem, if you haven’t noticed, is that people don’t think that they need rescuing, so we’ve got to persuade them of that as well. Most people don’t know what kind of trouble they happen to be in. They think they’re fine, they’re OK. They’re even surprised when they find out that we think they are in trouble. They have got to see that they need rescuing if they are going to receive the good news that God has given them. They might know that Jesus died, and even that He rose again and then did ascend into heaven. However, they don’t know why He did die. They don’t know that they would be doomed and damned if He didn’t die. And they don’t know the response that they need to make to Him, to what He did, in order to be saved. We do have good news to tell, folks. We shouldn’t keep it bottled up based on some excuse. We should learn how to tell the good news to others, because they really do need it. You needed it. So do they.

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