God Wants Us to Know

by admin ~ July 27th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

The mere possibility of error is not enough for doubt. We don’t start with doubt to build a system of belief. Since we know things, we start with the belief that we can know. It is perfectly reasonable to hold to beliefs until there is a clear basis for doubt. God is Truth, and we have no compelling basis to think or believe we won’t know. He is a Revealer. He wants us to know. So doubt doesn’t come from God. It comes from some other source—us, the world, or Satan. As believers in God, as theists, we see in Him the credibility of our ability to know and believe. We trust that we can know, because we are starting with God. He made us in a way that our thinking can be right, that we can know to the degree that we can be sure. We don’t need to doubt. Doubt, especially about the most basic things that we know and believe, is an excuse for self-sovereignty—I can do what I want, because I can’t be sure that what I am supposed to be and do is actually real. The fact that we can know says that we, well, can know, so we should know. And what there is to know is what God has revealed. So that’s what we should believe. It’s all verifiable. Nothing else is. It’s not as though there are other options for us. It’s God or nothing. And nothing isn’t an acceptable position for people who can know something. Since they know, they should also believe.

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