What Gets Us Going

by admin ~ July 21st, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

There are things that “get us going.” And they are usually, almost always, different for men than they are for women, since men and women are different. Of course, they didn’t evolve differently, or one isn’t more evolved than the other—they were created differently. But actually what is to “get us going” is to be very similar. What gets us going, perhaps naturally, are things that we like for whatever reason. A certain dessert might “get us going.” The prospects of watching a particular game might “get us going.” Going shopping might “get us going.” The plan for a trip and then taking one might “get us going.” These things might naturally “get us going.” When we live for God, we’ve got to replace what “got us going” with something else. Those things might still get us going, but we’ve got to think through whether they are worth it or not, and then replace them with what is. We choose to do something that doesn’t naturally get us going, but because of our thoughts about it, the argument won in our minds, followed by the inclination of the will, we are affected toward doing something other than what “gets us going.” And then what can follow is joy. We have joy knowing that we made the right choice and had a better use of out time. Many times what gets us going is fun, but afterwards it is empty and then fills us with regret over the waste and loss.

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