The Evidence You Need

by admin ~ July 14th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

How much evidence do you need to believe? Answer: the amount God gave you. It’s all you’re going to get. You can protest your whole life that it isn’t enough and that won’t make more evidence. And God said He gave you enough proof. Paul talks about this in Romans 1. Your problem isn’t knowledge. You’ve got that. Your problem is rebellion and to put it simply—you’re unthankful. People who won’t believe the evidence aren’t smarter; they’re just less thankful. I often tell people that if God only gave you air supply for a lifetime, you should serve Him with your whole life and couldn’t repay Him. Be thankful for the evidence you have. Now when you are thankful for the proof that God gave of His existence, His plan, and His salvation, you’ll know that it is actually plenteous; in other words, something to be really thankful for. For many, and I talk to many, you hear that it really is because of the quality of the evidence. They don’t like the kind of evidence that God gives. I’m one who reports to many what the evidence is. It is of the nature of evidence that God gets the glory, and really more glory than He would for other kinds of evidence, when you receive it. He wants you to believe what He’s given us. If that’s not good enough, then you are just unthankful. That’s the truth. And it sounds really bad—that you would be willing to go to Hell because you’re ungrateful.

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