America the Beautiful

by admin ~ June 30th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

America the Beautiful, a favorite patriotic song in the United States, even sung in churches, towards its end, has the line, “God shed His grace on thee.” That’s a nice admission on the part of a people, that they have received God’s grace. One idea here, I think, is that the beauty that we see in America has come by the grace of God. In other words, as we look around and see the mountains, the prairies, the oceans, the farms, the valleys, the lakes, the animal life, and more, we think that it came because of God. God gave this to us. This is our Father’s world. There seems to be another assumption here, and that is that we experience these good things because of God. A second being that we will only continue having it this way if God continues giving it to us. And then third, if it comes from God, then it would seem that we would be admitting that we need to stay in good relations with Him if we want the good things to continue. Instead, perhaps people think that if they just keep putting tags like that into one of their national songs that God will think that they really do believe that it was God’s grace that gave this to them. I think we know that this isn’t true today, but it can at least be true of us. We can believe and then act like God gave us the blessings that we experience in America. That would show up in more than a patriotic song, but also in our lives.

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