What We Do With a Slide

by admin ~ June 23rd, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

As you know, we live in a seismic area, so it’s also often a slide area. Our church building has slid to the extent that we had to do some foundation work, and the building slopes downward. It helped with the flow of water off our flat roof. Now you can see our flag pole slant like the leaning tower of Pisa. Our sign is slanting. We’ve been looking around at houses recently and several of them have retaining walls that are buckling because of a hill that is moving. You remember when the sides of earth next to Highway 80 here in our area began to slide out onto the highway, blocking several lanes. Now, when the slide occurred, what did they do? They built walls to hold back the dirt, the earth, to keep it from sliding any more. When sliding occurs, people will build walls, will erect barriers for the purpose of keeping things from moving any more. We can see a spiritual slide in our country. Churches are changing for the worse. There is less faith, less vigilance, less earnestness, less love, less service, more worldliness, more corruption, more disobedience. Christians are doing things that they would never have done, that everyone thought was wrong 50 years ago. A slide is occurring. Should we just go with the slide? Maybe you don’t like what you see. If we don’t, if we think it’s wrong, then we need to build the barriers to keep from going any further.

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