What to Expect

by admin ~ June 16th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

What does God expect from believers? Is it sinless perfection? We know He doesn’t expect sinless perfection from believers. Perfection is the requirement for justification, for salvation, which we get from the perfection of Jesus Christ, His righteousness that we receive by faith. When we live out that perfection, Romans 8:29 says we will conform to the image of His Son. If we were perfect already, why would we need to conform? We wouldn’t need to do that. And then we read about Paul in Romans 7, who as a mature Christian was struggling to live an obedient life. We read as well in 1 John 1 that if we say that we do not sin, we’re liars. We walk in the light as He is in the light, it’s true, but that includes confessing our sin because we have an advocate with the Father. Jesus is interceding for us—why? Because we will sin. All of this is why we say that we expect a direction, not perfection. What I am expecting from my own children is to keep moving the right direction. They are going to sin, make bad decisions, make mistakes, but will they keep moving toward God, toward the kingdom, toward Zion? If they are moving right, they will be sensitive toward their sin, toward the preaching of the Word of God, toward the accountability of other believers in the church. They won’t be rebellious against it. They will want to do right in the midst of struggle.

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