You Can’t Put a Value On It

by admin ~ June 9th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

You’ve probably heard the terminology, “You can’t put a value on it.” Usually we’re talking about a different type of value, like sentimental value or nostalgia. Perhaps you have a ring from your grandmother or a necklace your husband gave you on a big anniversary. You can replace the ring or the necklace, but you can’t replace the meaning that each of them possesses. When I was a boy, my uncle gave me a baseball signed by the St. Louis Cardinals. Several Hall of Famers had signed it. That had a lot of value because of those signatures, but the value to me as a young boy was as a baseball, so we used it, wore it out, and then lost it. And none of that mattered. I collected baseball cards, not because of their future value, but because I liked looking at them and reading them. Some of of mine are worth a few hundred dollars today to the right person. I look back on that baseball, which had Stan Musial’s autograph on it, and wish I had it for the money it could give me. I want us to understand this thought, because there is value to living for God that is based upon faith. We won’t see anything from it until eternity. So our emphasis on it now must be, not in what it will trade for actual dollars, or for a vacation, or for a retirement, or a pension. People will stay in an extra ten years for a pension. But will you serve the Lord for eternity. You will if you believe. Do you believe?

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