The Battle Against Sin on the Ground

by admin ~ February 11th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

On the ground, what does it look and feel like to have victory for God over sin for the believer? I say, for the believer, but only a believer will have victory over sin. And yet, he will have it. He will because he is predestined to do that (Romans 8:29). He will because the Holy Spirit Who indwells him is greater than the sin (1 John 4:4). He will because he is dead indeed unto sin (Romans 6:1-2). So you will see the genuine believer in a state of perpetual obedience—not perfection mind you—but habitual obedience, that is, obedience as a lifestyle. That is important to recognize, because if you rarely to never see that, you ought to question your salvation. OK. On the ground, to start, it will be a struggle. Victory over a sin isn’t breathing pure spiritual air, but it is close combat—dirty, smelly, face-to-face, grueling. It starts with a nature to do good. Believers have a new nature of righteousness that wants to do good. Believers will do good. Romans 7 says so. But, when you would do good, the law of sin is in your body parts, in your flesh, and it will battle against your new nature, so that when you want to do good, you end up doing bad. Since it is a struggle, you’ve got to nourish yourself with the Word and fellowship and prayer in order to win those battles. You can’t put it on automatic pilot. There is no such thing.

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