Sanity and Faith

by admin ~ January 21st, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel.

There are various parts or aspects to living by faith and the just live by faith. If you are a saved person, you live by faith. There is the part of living by faith that relates to the day-to-day living, where we decide to do what God said in His Word. Another part of living by faith is the big picture faith of seeing the world like God sees it, choosing to understand the world like God knows about it. Let me explain. We can do the first part of living by faith and pass out a tract to a supermarket check-out person or go out on Wednesday night with the teens. If we do the second part, then we are living with the comprehension that everyone is heading toward one of two eternal destinies—either heaven or hell—and we allow that to sink in to our soul. With that right view of the world, we decide differently about our career. We can’t float along in our week or month or year. There is an insanity to believing this and then acting exactly like we don’t really believe it. If we knew that someone next door was being imprisoned and tortured in his own home, we would not allow that to go on—if we really believed it. Really believing it and allowing it to occur would be the kind of insanity I was talking about. So if we really believe that people really do go someplace worse from which they can never escape, sanity would say that our life would take the direction of stopping it.

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