Standards of Behavior

by admin ~ January 13th, 2012. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Are there universal standards of behavior, or is everything relative? We had and are still having a mortgage crisis in this country. We think that someone was at fault. We think it might be the mortgage brokers, the mortgage lenders, the banks, the congress, the President of the United States, or the people who bought the homes. But why? Why is it anyone’s fault? And why isn’t it all just an accident? We believe that people violated some standard of ethics that triggered the crisis that has the nation in a financial mess. Somebody was greedy. So we think there was a standard for greed. People were robbed. So we think there was a standard for stealing. People were lied to. So we think there was a a standard of honesty. Whatever the standards were, they weren’t followed and we ended in the economic quagmire we’re now in. Are there truths that are transcendent of human beings, above and separate from what is relative or dependent upon the situation or the people involved? In other words, is there a right and wrong? If the standard is God’s standard and it is set in the Bible, and He is counting on us to keep it, then we really are responsible for more than just what will get us into a mess. We’re responsible for all of it, because it is all God’s Word. And if we don’t keep some of it, just because we’d rather not, then how are we better than those who got us into this?

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