Just an Eye

by admin ~ October 16th, 2011. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When I talk to folks and I want them to understand that things didn’t come about by accident, I refer to the human eye. One accident doesn’t turn into even one thing of complexity, order, and beauty—ever. But that’s OK with those who want to believe in an accident. It never happens in one single thing, but they want to believe that every thing, every, came about by accident. No. Just think of the human eye. So there we go. Not even one eye could have come about through a series of accidents. Accidents do not turn out that way. And everyone knows it. And that is science, true science, on the most basic, the most fundamental, level. We know from all of our observations that design comes from a Designer. And all around us is complexity and order and beauty, yes, design. Everywhere. And God, the Designer, should get the glory for it. But men would rather serve themselves in rebellion against God. This is the nature of sin and deceit and the fall of man. God Almighty should receive the credit for the eye alone, and He doesn’t even get that as billions of men look out of those eyes that God made. And even as you focus in and use your mind to read this little essay, your eyes take the light, the shapes, to send them directly into your brain to register meaning. Then you think about thinking, something the animals don’t do, because they aren’t made in the image of God.

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