Truly Our Father’s World

by admin ~ October 5th, 2011. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Through the years, perhaps you have become accustomed to certain practices working better than other ones. One tool will function better than another one for a specific purpose. The laws that apply have been created by God. God made the world, and He made it to operate in a way to His design. Not only should we do it the way He wants because it glorifies and honors Him, gives Him credit as the one Who created it and sustains it, but it also will give us better results. It truly is our Father’s world. You might be able to get it done your way, but it won’t be better than the way that is in fitting with God’s design. Over a period of time, through cause and effect, I’ve perfected the best and fastest way to clean my windshield at a gas station. All the items involved are some of the matter that God created on the first day of creation, and then relate to heat, energy, and gravity, all things also that God made out of nothing. We’ve only got a flat surface because of something that God created. At our best, we’ve merely imitated something already in the world in order to take raw materials created by God in order to make a windshield. Then there is a squeegee, paper towel material, and some kind of windex type of fluid. These are all used in a certain fashion so that my wife and I can see well when we drive our van. For sure, what we know He said, we should do.

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