400 Years for Good Reason

by admin ~ August 13th, 2011. Filed under: Brandenburg.

This is 2011. Four hundred years ago was 1611. 1611 was the year the Authorized English Version of the Bible, the King James Version, was published. The KJV wasn’t the first English translation. Alfred was an early English king, 8th century. He did a partial one, of course by hand. John Wycliffe did his famous translation in the fourteenth century. And then we had the Tyndale version and the Geneva Bible. The latter were done from the same Hebrew and Greek texts, the Hebrew Masoretic text and what is called the textus receptus, the text of the New Testament received by the churches. After the King James Version, that was it on the English translations. Christians accepted that as their Bible. It was a scholarly work, a beautiful work, and then it was from the preserved text of Scripture. People agreed on it. It was the Bible. No modern translation comes from the same text, even the New King James comes from a slightly different text for the Old Testament. No translation has had the impact of the King James. It has affected English culture by a wide margin more than any other book. It is God’s Word. It is a trustworthy translation, accurate and authoritative and, yes, readable. The modern translations come from an entirely different text with 7% differences, so we continue using the King James.

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